Your Valentine Lovescope 

Is love in the air for your star sign?




True love is around you. The energy this month will bring more romance into your current relationship. Invest the time and effort needed by appreciating each other and spending some quality time doing something you both enjoy. If you are currently single this is a sign that love is on its way to you. Keep your vibration high and don't compromise on your dreams 


Let go of control and stop worrying about what others think. It’s time to enjoy yourself!  Release your passion whether this is towards someone or something. Find something you enjoy doing and feel yourself coming alive. Rekindle passion within your relationship. Change the way you feel towards yourself, you are a vibrant person treat yourself as such and lift up your vibration by feeling sexy and confident. Blow yourself a kiss as you walk by your mirror and know that you've got it!!! Treat yourself to that sexy underwear or wear something that makes you feel good!  Love life. it's a gift to be enjoyed. Do what makes you feel alive!


You have already met the romantic partner you have been looking for. Maybe you just have to think a little bit differently or adjust your expectations. Maybe you are not seeing the true them as they may be hiding and not showing their real self Perhaps you have a certain idea of what your partner should be like you are not seeing what's in front of you. If you are in a relationship perhaps history is getting in the way of the future you want to create, it is time to let go of past emotions and enjoy what you have. 


Don't be so hard on yourself. You deserve love.  Accept yourself as this beautiful spiritual light and stop giving yourself a hard time and trying to make everyone else’s life ok and not yours. Love yourself fully and you will receive the love you want and deserve. Be open to receiving the love that you send out to be returned. Someone around you may love you but as you have withdrawn within your Cancerian shell you may not be seeing it, don't be afraid to come out and dare to love.


Time to acknowledge your feelings. You may have been trying to hide or ignore feelings that you have towards your partner or someone in your life. It's now time to explore these emotions and see where they take you. It's a full moon in Leo this month so now is the perfect time to harness this courageous and confident energy and go for what you want, say what you mean and be heard. Send the message out there, flirt and have some fun! 


There is some really good energy between yourself and another person. This chemistry is almost magnetic as you are drawn towards each other. This energy is fantastic within your relationship, make sure you put aside some time to spend together to enjoy it. If you are single and have met someone that you feel really attracted to this card indicates that the feeling seems to be mutual. If you are feeling this towards someone when you are already in a committed relationship or they are, be careful of the possible consequences if you act on this chemistry. 


Flirt!!! Has life just been too serious lately? Time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself, have some fun flirting. This high vibe energy will make you feel good and attract positive, fun energy to you. This will lighten up your relationship bringing in some much needed feel-good vibes. If you are single this will make you feel good and make people see you in a different light. Your fun energy may attract what you are looking for. 


Love yourself first!! You may have felt a bit down beaten by life lately as you have had challenges to overcome, you must celebrate yourself and all you have done and been through. Self-love and self-care are utmost here. Spend some time loving and healing yourself and replenishing your energy. When you are ready you will attract the love that you want in your life but for now, put your self care first. 


New love is entering into your life, this doesn't mean necessarily that someone new is coming in but that you may view your partner with new eyes! As your vibration rises you will feel better and see the world through eyes of love, appreciating and finding the good in situations and people. This card can indicate a new love coming into your life if that is what you have been waiting for! 


If you are in a relationship this may be a good time to have a talk about where the relationship is going and to heal some unresolved issues to help revive the energy in the relationship. Communicate your true feelings. Place and respect boundaries, with honest communication the stagnant energy will clear. If you are interested in a particular person this may mean that it is not the right time just now, use your time and energy to feel good within yourself and focus on self and energy care then when the time is right the energy may change. 


You may have felt that your relationship has been a bit in limbo lately but this energy is changing this month and you will feel the energy coming alive and changing to an uplifting vibration and you will feel more fulfilled. If you are currently single, trust that your wishes for your soul mate are being heard by the universe and trust in divine timing. 


Communication is so important within your relationship, open up and talk about how you feel especially if you are feeling unsupported or a bit down. Having friends around you will uplift you and also bring a raised vibration into your relationship. If you are single let your friends know that you are keen on meeting someone and you never know maybe they will introduce you to someone!